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My first online puppy purchase experience

Boxer puppy MissouriMy parents lost their 8-year-old boxer to cancer in March. About a month later I started looking for a boxer puppy to fill the void left by their loss. I saw a boxer on puppyfind.com that had almost identical markings to the one my parents had lost. I went to the breeder’s website at rockytopk9s.com to view all her available puppies. After doing some research I contacted Ellen Roberts to confirm that the puppy I wanted was still available. She was very informative and I was able to place a deposit on the puppy to take him off the available list. The following week I completed the payment for the puppy and the shipping costs. Ellen provided excellent communication and details about when the puppy would be shipped and the airport he was being shipped to. His release date was after May 10. Ellen sent him on May 12. When I received him he had water in his kennel and food attached to the kennel. He was packed with excellent cushion and a blanket and a record of when he had been fed during the flight. When I took him out of the kennel he smelled great and was in great shape. Ellen did an excellent job of packing him for a comfortable trip. This was my first experience with purchasing a dog online and Ellen made the whole process easy and effortless. My parents love their new addition. I would certainly recommend Ellen Roberts at Rocytopk9s. 1261 State Rt 14 West Plains, MO 65775
Shawn Fitzpatrick

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